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Vision and Mission

K12Nest strives to ensure science gets its due credit in schools. As educators, STEM professionals, and parents, we believe there should be no gap between “those who know” and “those who don't know” science and technology. STEM should not be mysterious to any student and should be as commonplace in schools as sports. We believe it's essential for the future of society that access to STEM education be fully democratized and accessible to anyone, regardless of social, economic, or language barriers.

Through Ecos we are ensuring that school children from anywhere and from any background have access to the tools they need to realize their full potential and contribute to society in the 21st century.

With Ecos, we bring fresh, state-of-the-art STEM content into classrooms that might otherwise not be accessible to teachers. With Ecos, we change how STEM education happens.

K12Nest Team

Sri Srinivasan
*CEO, Co-Founder

Sri, the Chief Learner*

Sri works daily to bring out the best in her team in her role as K12Nest's CEO. Formerly with the Colorado Department of Education, Sri holds a master's degree in Biochemistry, but her teaching experience and passion for impact-oriented innovation with education technology guide her hand at the K12Nest helm.

Siva Sankaranarayanan
*CTO, Co-Founder

Siva, the Chief Nerd*

Siva is a seasoned product management executive with more than 20 years of enterprise-software and management-consulting experience in telecom and healthcare verticals. At K12Nest, he compiles diverse, conflicting, and often-inconsistent user needs to crank out efficient and scalable technology products.

Latha (Srilatha) Narasimhan
*VP of Business Strategy

Latha (Srilatha), the Chief Chess Player*

Latha's experience across multiple business functions, including product management, strategy, supply chain, and technology commercialization, aligns with the background of a typical business strategist, but what sets her apart is her business experience in working at numerous Fortune 500 companies, startups and not-for-profits. She is K12Nest's alarm clock who ensures our operations and finance are ringing in unison, giving more life to our vision with every step we take.

Anu Parthasarathy
*VP of Products

Anu, the Chief Doodler*

Anu's laser focus on a user-centered design process in building websites, software, and kid's toys make her think through the various user experiences at K12Nest to ensure we deliver on our promise. Her speed to illustrate a vision into an executable solution fuels the K12Nest engine to crank out product features at higher RPM and lower wear and tear.

Edie Alderette-Sellers
*VP of User Engagement

Edie, the Chief Listener*

Edie's enthusiasm for listening to people is only superseded by her love of finding crafty solutions for their problems. With a rich background community and metro journalist, multimedia design and development, and customer service, she lives to use the many tools in her mental tool chest to find new, creative answers to the puzzles of business. Our resident "idea machine" is also a maker of drones and a passionate video gamer.