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Ecos Gets Your Content Noticed


There’s a whole web full of educational content out there. Some of it is great, and some of it not so great. When teachers go to search engines to find resources to use in their classrooms, there’s no way for them to see the difference between the excellent and the ordinary. And they spend between 2-8 hours looking for content each week. Your content may be better, but there are not enough hours in the day to evaluate everything, so your content could easily be missed.

Moreover, if your content isn’t meeting their needs, you’ll probably never know.

By putting your content through the Ecos evaluation process, you gain real-user insight into your product’s user experience, its usability in current pedagogy, and curricular alignment. And by having it listed as an Ecos Evaluated resource, your product immediately connects to the teachers and school districts who are actively looking for products like yours.


Our team of real teachers and education professionals examines each resource thoroughly using Ecos’ 75-point evaluation in six categories:

  • Assessment, including aspects of data collection, feedback to students, and use of assessment data to inform instruction
  • Alignment to CCSS and NGSS standards and the strength of the alignment to those standards
  • Instructional coherence to classroom application through instructional relevance, rigor rating, and text complexity
  • Incorporation of UDL principles and applicability to diverse learners
  • Detailed program description, including procurement and information on COPPA compliance
  • User experience, with curated user feedback


Bring Out the Best in Your Content

You know what you think of your product. Ecos shows what curriculum experts think of your product. Our reports give you real-user insight into your product’s user experience, classroom applications, universal design, learning effectiveness, and curricular alignment to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards.

After our evaluation, we provide you with a full, detailed report of our findings, giving you a reliable third-party analysis of your resource that you can use for compliance, quality reporting, and future development strategies.

Energize Your Collateral

In addition to our full evaluation report, Ecos’ content providers also receive condensed one-page summaries for each of our six evaluation categories that speak directly to teachers in their own pedagogic language. These summaries can be immediately incorporated into marketing strategies. Use them in sales presentations. Plug them into your website. Add them to proposals or make them a part of your conference-booth materials. How you use them is up to you.

Build Your Brand’s Credibility

Nothing gives your product impact more than a third-party review, and studies show that endorsements positively influence consumers' purchasing intentions. The Ecos Seal of Approval demonstrates that your product has been independently evaluated by teachers and does the job it says it does. Use the Ecos Seal on websites, in packaging, or in printed material to establish and increase your brand\’s integrity.

Get found by people who want your product

Once vetted, your product lists in the Ecos Library and is immediately connected to the teachers and educators who are actively looking for products. Increase visibility to school districts and educators. Pioneer new sales frontiers to customers outside your immediate reach. For independent content providers, Ecos puts you directly into the hands of users who need your product and gets your brand name used and shared among the schoolteacher community.